Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jayden - The Pizza Maker (or Eater?)

I had some fun making my first pizza with my boy the other day. Being the first time for both of us, Jayden was so excited and wanted to help in every step. This is the vegetarian pizza that we made where we put some tomatoes, mushroom, onions and of course lots of parmesan cheese on top of pita bread. He is the cheese lover! Yummy and crunchy. Such a simple dish but really made our day!


jenny said...

Hey it is so fantastic and i am very hungry too. You don't have explained the recipe here... It looks really very fantastic.

r4 ds

MyVeryButton said...

Hi Jenny! It's really simple and easy. Use pita bread as the base, put on some pasta sauce, add on veges like tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc. I like to add on BBQ chicken, simply dice the chicken breast and stir fry with BBQ sauce. Oh ya! Don't forget to add on cheese onto the pizza. Bake for around 15mins or until everything cooked! Serve hot!!