Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Happy Customer!

Does the choker looks familiar to you? Yes, it is one of my kawaii Geisha collections which was purchased as a birthday gift for this lovely lady, Suzy. She has a lovely shop on etsy called GeorgiaPeachez, full of vintage designed items. Check it out!! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She was born 2 weeks our car.

It was a normal sleepless night as I can still remember. I was experiencing bearable contractions every 15-20 mins at around 2am. When my hubby was up for his work, I told him not to go. I had a feeling that she is coming out soon. However after 8am, there wasn't any contractions and I was convinced that it's going to be a false alarm. Not until 2pm I was woken by same level of contractions again. I rang up the hospital and they advised me to come when it hits every 5mins. I was very silly to say ok (I have forgotten my new place takes me 30mins journey to the hospital). At 4:30pm, I suddenly felt the frequent 5mins contractions and very painful until I had to be carried to the car. Along the journey, I was screaming and kicking at the front seat, praying hard that God will protect the baby. At the moment when we arrived the Emergency, I couldn't walk at all and I felt the urge to push. My hubby was nervous and quickily asked help from Emergency. As I could remember the moment I saw the nurses arrived, the baby's head was already our car. The nurse helped me to go through the pushing part and my lovely daughter was born safely in our car. I felt such a relief and undescrible joy to see her....:)